Less Than 8

Less Than 8 is fun, simple and addictive.
*HOW TO PLAY* Tap to place the numbers. When all rows and columns add up to 8 you win!


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Game Music

Less Than 8 features in-game music and sound effects. Music and sound effects can be turned on or off separately.

👍 Left-Handed Mode

Less Than 8 can be played with one hand. To improve gameplay for left-handed players the grid design is adjustable.

Global Leaderboard

Compare your time with players from around the world. See you friends’ recently recorded time scores.


In-game reward for completing game objectives.

👤 Save High Scores Locally

Save up to five high scores in easy more and five scores in hardcore mode on your device.

Hardcore Mode

No moves are blocked. Undo is disabled in hardcore mode.

Easy Mode

Moves which cause the row sum to be above 8 are blocked. Undo mode is enabled in easy mode.

Clean, Simple UI

Learn how to play in seconds with Less Than 8’s simple, easy-to-understand interface.