Less Than 8

Less Than 8 is fun, simple and addictive.
*HOW TO PLAY* Tap to place the numbers. When all rows and columns add up to 8 you win!


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  • Less Than 8 – Apps4Review.com (Rated 5/5)

    “This is a must have app for anyone who enjoys number puzzle games. It’s simple, highly addictive and fun.”
    – Apps4Review.com

    It’s similar to Sudoku but as the name suggests it’s based around the number 8. All of the columns and rows must add up to 8 using only the numbers 1, 2 and 3. If either add up to less than 8 then the offending column or row resets itself and you have to start again. If you go over 8 then unfortunately you lose.

    “Its the games simplicity that makes it so addictive and frustrating in equal measure.”
    – Apps4Review.com

    The “easy mode” is ideal for anyone who is new to playing number based puzzle games and there is a nice big “undo” button if you change your mind when placing a number or realise you’ve made a mistake. Also there is protection from “more than 8” feature preventing you from ever losing by making more than 8 in any one row or column. Using this easy mode is a great way to get used to the game you’re learning how to play it.


    For those people who are advanced or want a tougher challenge there is “hardcore mode” which allows very little room for error. You are allowed to take as much time as you want, but be warned the quicker you solve the puzzle the higher your score will be. And if you go over eight then that’s lights out and you have to start again.

    The designers of this game need to be congratulated for thinking about their left handed users. This game can be played using just one hand, so for once it’s an even playing field when comparing scores with you friends. You can play this app using whichever is your dominant.


    If you’re like most people, the sounds and music that come with most puzzle apps can be more annoying than pleasurable to listen to. This app allows you to turn the sound down so it’s quietly in the background or you have the option to turn it off completely. The same feature is possible for the animations, you can leave them on or turn them off as you wish.

    “Games are always more fun when you can challenge a friend.”
    – Apps4Review.com

    You can use the Apple Game Centre to see how fast you solved the puzzle compared to the time your friends took. It’s also possible to compare your score against other players from all around the world.

    When you’ve been playing a really addictive game for a while trying to beat an illusive top score and finally do it, there is nothing worse than not being able to record it as a score because you’re not online. This app saves your scores locally when you don’t have an available internet connection, a great feature for an app like this.


    “Less Than 8…this is a great app. It’s challenging to play, but very simple in it’s design.”
    – Apps4Review.com

    You can use it when you have a spare few minutes or keep going until you beat your top score. It deserves a rating of more than 8!

    Rating: 5.0/5
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  • Less Than 8 on the App Store and Google Play

    A simple numbers puzzle with a hint of Sudoku, now available for iOS and Android devices.

    TORONTO, CANADA – June 21, 2015 – Available now, Less Than 8 challenges the player’s wit to quickly complete rows and columns with numbers adding to eight.

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    Less Than 8 has a very clean interface that lets the player focus on gameplay and practice logic. Players can save their high scores and compete with their friends by posting their scores on the worldwide leaderboards. Experienced players can try their luck on the hardcore setting where undo and all hints are turned off. In-game music, sound effects and animation can be independently turned on or off. Less Than 8 is designed to be played with one hand and offers a view switch for left-handed players.

    Less Than 8 is now available for free download worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    Please visit www.LessThan8Game.com for more information about Less Than 8.

    Less Than 8 is developed by TipaSoft, a mobile game development company founded in 2014.


    If you would like further information on Less Than 8, or would like to schedule an interview, please contact:
    Vladimir Baranov, Development, Tipasoft
    Phone: + 1 (416) 319 7193
    E-mail: vbaranov@tipasoft.com
    Twitter: @tipasoft

    To download Less Than 8:
    iOS – iphone.lessthan8game.com
    Android – android.lessthan8game.com